How to Support Adult Children Struggling With Mental Health

Expert advice on how to gently offer help and compassion. By Julie Halpert, The New York Times Although issues like student debt, economic uncertainty, and unrealistic expectations of success have affected many young people before the pandemic, COVID-19 has exacerbated them. In this article, Julie Halpert writes about how parents can support their adult children. […]

Meet Professor Heidi Levitt, expert on therapeutic relationships

  Clinical psychologist Heidi Levitt discusses what’s helpful in relationships JR:  What would say are 2 or 3 core features that need to be present in all helping relationships HL: Empathy, Congruence/Genuineness, Mutual understanding of (and agreement with) what is ‘helping’ in that relationship JR: You observed that the therapist acted as a surrogate for others’ […]