Senior volunteers ward off brain ‘shrinkage’

By Stephanie Desmon

The memory center in the brains of seniors who volunteered in public schools for two years maintained their size, rather than shrinking as part of the normal aging process, report researchers.

The findings suggest that retirees who … Read the rest

Being aware: New survey shows that teens in poverty more likely to go without food than their siblings

A survey of about 1,500 extremely disadvantaged families in Boston, Chicago, and San Antonio shows teenagers go without food twice as often as their younger brothers and sisters.

Parents first deprive themselves, skipping meals to feed … Read the rest

Just what the doctor ordered: Quality relationships promote good health

friends-1200120_1280By Emily Sohn, Washington Post

Overwhelmed recently by the stress of an impending move — along with the usual demands of a busy life — I turned to the people I love.

In small chunks of time between tasks on … Read the rest

Trauma informed mentoring: Early trauma exposure raises risk for young women ADHD/self-injury

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.04.44 PMby Yasmin Anwar  

Exposure to abuse, neglect, or other traumas in childhood and adolescence puts young women with ADHD at a heightened risk of self-injury, a new study shows.

The findings indicate that environmental factors can have a significant bearing Read the rest

Evidence Corner: Let’s Get Physical!

by David DuBois

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.27.14 AMI had occasion a few years ago to consult with a statewide mentoring organization around issues of program evaluation and outcome measurement. The outcome survey that I developed for the organization’s consideration proved to be too long … Read the rest