What’s New in Public Policy? October, 2018

by Janet Forbush, Contributing Editor Background:  Earlier this week the eight sitting justices of the U.S. Supreme Court returned to the bench or our highest court for a new season to resume deliberations on several issues brought to them by litigants from states across the country.  Meanwhile, just down the street from the U.S. Supreme […]

Empowering Our Young People, and Stemming the Collateral Damage of Incarceration

Editor’s note: On Oct. 8, my colleagues (Megan Blondin and Kristen Truffa from MANY; Janis Kupersmidt from iRT) and I had the rare opportunity to attend a meeting at the White House in which officials announced efforts to improve the lives of children of incarcerated parents, including our new grant to provide and evaluate training enhancements to […]