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An interview with Transgender expert, Professor Walter Bockting

Eight questions for transgender expert Walter Bockting, PhD Founded in 1998, the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20 honors those murdered as a result of anti-transgender prejudice. According to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, 16.8 percent of transgender students report being physically assaulted because of their gender expression and 32.1 percent experience […]

Talk about problems? Boys say why bother.

U. MISSOURI (US) — Boys avoid discussing problems not because of some sense of embarrassment, but because they believe that doing so is a waste of time, according to a new study. “For years, popular psychologists have insisted that boys and men would like to talk about their problems but are held back by fears […]

Mentoring in STEM

A teacher’s guide to mentoring in STEM How to find and be a good mentor in STEM BY BETHANY BROOKSHIRE  (excepted from Student Science) Mentors that are involved in students’ lives can keep them engaged and encourage them to pursue STEM careers. Finding someone who can inspire a student to take on the demands of STEM […]

Esquire Partners With 3 Agencies to Promote Male Mentorship

By STUART ELLIOTT  ESQUIRE magazine is teaming up again with Madison Avenue for a new cause-marketing initiative, seeking to encourage more adult men to mentor boys and young men. The initiative comes eight years after a collaboration between the magazine and an up-and-coming agency to raise money for clean drinking water in the third world. […]

The friendship crisis: Why are boys so lonely and violent?

by Niobe Way, Washington Post Elliot Rodgers, 22, killed himself and six people near the campus of the University of California Santa Barbara last month because he wanted to take revenge on “humanity” for his “loneliness, rejection, and unfilled desire.” In the few weeks since that occurred, there have been additional violent acts in schools across the country. […]

Meet Carol S. Dweck, whose research has implications for mentoring for STEM

Carol S. Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University, has done extensive research on why women tend to avoid careers in math and science. Her work has shown that women and girls who think that science and math ability are innate tend to perform worse and have less interest in those fields than females who believe […]

Mentors Help Create A Sustainable Pipeline For Women In STEM

by Bonnie Marcus Women make up about half of the workforce in America, but they only represent 24% of the workforce in STEM fields. Why should we care? First and foremost, this statistic calls attention to an untapped potential; talent that we need in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to remain competitive from […]

News Flash: Boys and Girls Take Different Paths to Empathy

Van der Graaff, J., Branje, S., De Wied, M., Hawk, S., Van Lier, P. & Meeus, W. (2014). Perspective taking and empathic concern in adolescence: Gender differences in developmental changes. Developmental Psychology, (3), 881-888. doi: 10.1037/a0034325 By Tara Kuther Empathy, the capacity to take another person’s perspective and appreciate their emotion, is thought to increase over […]

Stanford University study shows that lower achieving students are assigned less experienced teachers

Rachel OBrien-Stanford STANFORD (US) — A study of a major urban school district reveals that high-achieving students tend to get the best teachers, leaving others to less experienced instructors. Even within the same school, lower-achieving students often are taught by less-experienced teachers, as well as by teachers who received their degrees from less-competitive colleges, according […]

A mentoring programme opens new career paths for girls in South Africa

From Unicef By Emma de Villiers PRETORIA, South Africa, 10 October 2013 – The young woman’s smile lights up as she puts on the white lab coat she has grown used to wearing every day. As Nokulunga ‘Nonku’ Dladla leaves her apartment dressed for class, the 19-year-old student knows that every day brings her one […]