Many can help more than one: New research highlights benefits of multiple social connections for bullied youth

Posted by Andrew Trounson,

Having a group of friends to rely on appears to buffer children from the emotional hurt bullying causes better than a single “best” friend, a new study of more than 1,200 primary school children and … Read the rest

New research determines how long it takes to make a friend: Implications for mentors and programs

Posted by Rick Hellman,

It takes more than 200 hours before someone can be considered a close friend, according to a new study that explores how long it typically takes to move through the deepening stages of friendship.

That … Read the rest

Just what the doctor ordered: Quality relationships promote good health

friends-1200120_1280By Emily Sohn, Washington Post

Overwhelmed recently by the stress of an impending move — along with the usual demands of a busy life — I turned to the people I love.

In small chunks of time between tasks on … Read the rest

New research explores children’s peer group dynamics

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The threat of ostracism leads children to imitate group behaviors as a way to get back in the “in-group,” according to psychologists.

Previous studies indicate that excluded adults will mimic behaviors of … Read the rest

New Study Suggests Adolescent Friendships Linked to Adult Health

Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard

For most people, adolescence is a period of life marked by intense friendships, as well as a strong bias toward conformity. Fitting in with our peers is an urgent need, and we’re generally willing to damp … Read the rest