Just what the doctor ordered: Quality relationships promote good health

friends-1200120_1280By Emily Sohn, Washington Post

Overwhelmed recently by the stress of an impending move — along with the usual demands of a busy life — I turned to the people I love.

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Study shows most teenage friendships doomed to fail: But whose fault is that?

The psychiatrist Harry Sullivan believed that nothing is a more significant determinant of psychological well-being than the nature of our closest social bonds. In adolescence, research has consistently linked the quality

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Teens with lots of friends stay healthy longer

The more social ties people have at an early age, the better their health is at the beginnings and ends of their lives, a new study suggests.

Researchers say the study is the first to … Read the rest

#FOMO Leads To Depression And Anxiety In Teen Social Media Users

By Alyssa Navarro, Tech Times

A report revealed that most teenagers today suffer from the fear of missing out or FOMO which is generated when they use social media.

Experts from the Australian Psychological Society found FOMO elevates anxiety levels

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