New study on Friends of the Children program

Salazar, A.,Haggerty, P., Walsh, S., Noell, B & Kelley-Siel, E. (2019). Adapting the Friends of the Children programme for child welfare system‐involved families, Child & Family Social Work. doi:10.1111/cfs.12622

Summarized by Rachel Thompson

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Donors bet big on paid mentoring: Does it work?

Written by Michael Fitzgerald, The Chronicle of Social Change

Mentoring saved 41-year-old Gary Clemons’ life.

Separated from his mother at age 5, running with violent gangs at 15, father to a visually disabled child at 19, and homeless at 24 … Read the rest

How the ‘Friends of the Children’ Mentorship Program Helps Vulnerable Youth Thrive

Terri Sorensen is president of Friends of the Children.

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Michael, who lives in Portland, Oregon, is the youngest of three kids. His mother, a domestic violence survivor, became a mom at age 16. When … Read the rest

Should mentors be compensated? Two experts weigh in

Professor Timothy Cavell is the Director of Clinical Training at the University of Arkansas. He is also the Director of the Center for Research on Aggression and Victimization (CRAV). Primarily, CRAV’s researchers are interested in the development of effective Read the rest