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How mentoring affects academic outcomes: The role of relationship quality

Bayer, A., Grossman, J. B., & DuBois, D. L. (2015). Using volunteer mentors to improve the academic outcomes of underserved students: the role of relationships. Journal of Community Psychology, 43(4), 408-429. Summarized by Bridget Nestor Introduction: School-based mentoring (SBM) refers to mentoring relationships in which mentors meet with mentees on school grounds, either during or immediately after […]

Mentoring in STEM

A teacher’s guide to mentoring in STEM How to find and be a good mentor in STEM BY BETHANY BROOKSHIRE  (excepted from Student Science) Mentors that are involved in students’ lives can keep them engaged and encourage them to pursue STEM careers. Finding someone who can inspire a student to take on the demands of STEM […]

Mentoring Youth at High Risk: The Perspectives of Professional Mentors

By Davielle Lakind, J. Mark Eddy, & Adrienne Zel Abstract or article Excerpted From Child Youth Care Forum (2014) 43:705–727 DOI 10.1007/s10566-014-9261-2 Background Youth mentoring programs rely largely on volunteers, but youth facing significant risks may be poor candidates for volunteer-based interventions. Full-time ‘‘professional’’ mentors in highly structured programs may be better suited to partner effectively with such youth and […]

Fall 2014 Short Course Broadcast Online

Due to the high volume of registration requests and limited seating capacity we will be broadcasting the upcoming fall 2014 Short Course Strengthening Links Between Formal and Informal Mentoring live through the online service Livestream. Viewers will need to create a free Livestream account before they are able to access the online stream broadcast. The Short Course broadcast stream […]

4 hints for mentoring young writers

By: Beth Stefanick (Kalmbach Publishing Co.), 00439517, Mar2012, Vol. 125, Issue 3 Many writers who have achieved a level of success want to help aspiring scribes in their communities, and mentoring them is one way to do that. Girls Write Now (GWN) has been matching professional women writers with female students in New York City’s public […]

Mentoring Programs for Children of Military Families

by Tim Cavell, Ph.D. About five years ago, I approached some colleagues with the idea that school-based mentoring (SBM) was a good fit for children from military families. Researchers were learning that multiple and prolonged combat deployments were having significant and negative effects on military children and families. We reasoned that pairing military children with […]

Esquire Partners With 3 Agencies to Promote Male Mentorship

By STUART ELLIOTT  ESQUIRE magazine is teaming up again with Madison Avenue for a new cause-marketing initiative, seeking to encourage more adult men to mentor boys and young men. The initiative comes eight years after a collaboration between the magazine and an up-and-coming agency to raise money for clean drinking water in the third world. […]

Denzel Washington discusses the power of mentoring

In the September cover story of WebMD magazine, Denzel Washington discusses the vital role of the mentors he encountered at the Boys and Girls Club and throughout his life. Highly recommended.

Promoting mentorship in translational research: Should we hope for Athena or train Mentor?

Steiner, J.F. (2014) Academic Medicine, 89 (5), 702-704. This article was summarized by UMass Boston doctoral student Laura Yoviene. Introduction: Usually in the Chronicle we focus on youth mentoring relationships.  However, with this review we broaden the scope to include an article on the importance of mentoring relationships to research in the realm of academia. […]

Why relationships matter

 In “The Heart Grows Smarter,”  David Brooks discussed the importance of caring relationships, and cited the classic work of George Vaillant who followed a cohort of Harvard men for many years. As Brooks notes, “It’s not that the men who flourished had perfect childhoods. Rather, as Vaillant puts it, “What goes right is more important […]