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Why Michael Phelps and Beyoncé Aren't Role Models - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Research explores why Michael Phelps, Beyoncé, and others are no role models (nor should they be)

Spurgin, E. (2012). , Hey, How  did  I become a Role Model?  Privacy and the  Extent of Role-Model Obligations, Journal of Applied Philosophy. Young people  should  learn  that  Phelps  is a proper  role model when it comes to swimming,  but they do not know enough  about  the rest of his life to believe he is […]

Study Highlights the Importance of Mentor Attunement

Pryce, J. (2013). Mentor attunement: An approach to Successful School-based Mentoring Relationships. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 29, 285–305  Background In this study, Julia Pryce, Professor of Social Work at Loyola University, notes that successful mentoring “requires an exceptional level of effort and commitment” and that many youth mentoring relationships fall short. The strongest […]

Study Explores Short-term Mentoring Benefits - The Chronicle of Evidence-Based-Mentoring

Study Explores Short-term Mentoring

Eby, L.T., Durley, J.R., Evans, S.C., & Ragins, B.R. (2006). The relationship between short-term mentoring benefits and long-term mentoring outcomes. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 69: 424–444. Mentoring research has often focused on the benefits to the mentees, but few studies have examined the short-term and long-term benefits to mentors. Eby, Durley, Evans, and Ragins (2006) […]

Adolescent turning points: Helping young people make sense of adversity

Turning points, including unexpected deaths, serious accident or illness, natural disasters, etc., can change the path of one’s life.  And, according to researchers, when they strike during adolescence and early adulthood, when identity development is still in flux, they can be particularly influential and growth enhancing. For this growth to occur, however, survivors need to […]

Digital media and mentoring

http://clrn.dmlhub.net/ Re-imagining learning for the 21st century Although many parents and educators have misgivings about the new generation’s immersion in digital media and social networking, these tools can be harnessed in news ways that build knowledge, connect young people to their interests and passions, and provide new pathways to learning. So, rather than squelch and […]

How mentors can help youth build satisfying, fulfilling lives - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Path Finders: How mentors can help youth build satisfying, fulfilling lives

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” – Confucius “It’s not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between nine and five. It’s whether or not our work fulfills us.” Malcom Gladwell As these quotes imply, the path to a happy, fulfilling life has […]