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How faculty-student mentoring relationships affect college students’ development and academic success

Raposa, E. B., Hagler, M., Liu, D., & Rhodes, J. E. (2021). Predictors of close faculty−student relationships and mentorship in higher education: Findings from the Gallup−Purdue Index. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1483(1), 36–49.  https://doi.org/10.1111/nyas.14342 Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Supportive mentoring relationships have an influential effect on college students’ academic […]

For graduate students: Seven steps to finding the right advisor

Written by Laura Zimmerman, PhD Undergraduate students who want to pursue psychology research careers often believe that where they choose to go to graduate school is the most important decision they’ll make about their education. While that is one key factor, choosing the right advisor can be even more crucial. Advisors serve as supervisors and […]

It’s not what you know….: The case for a networked approach to mentoring

by Jean Rhodes According to a recent Gallup poll  successful college students have one important thing in common–they all had one or more teachers who were mentors who took an interest in their hopes and dreams.  “We think it’s a big deal” where we go to college,” Gallup’s Brandon Busteed told the New York Times. But […]