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National Mentoring Resource Center: Mentoring for youth with mental health challenges

Written by Michael Garringer The National Mentoring Resource Center is happy to announce the release of another entry in our series of evidence reviews on mentoring specific populations of youth. We recently posted Mentoring for Youth with Mental Health Challenges, authored by Dr. Michelle Munson and her colleague James Railey at New York University. Dr. […]

Evidence Corner: Is Mentoring Worth the Investment? The Jury is Out

By David DuBois It is intuitive to many that investments in mentoring are a worthwhile investment. Indeed, we do have robust evidence that youth can and do benefit in important ways from mentoring, such as improved behavior, social relationships, and school performance. Why, then, would I argue that the “jury is out,” which is to […]

Evidence Corner: Let’s Get Physical!

by David DuBois I had occasion a few years ago to consult with a statewide mentoring organization around issues of program evaluation and outcome measurement. The outcome survey that I developed for the organization’s consideration proved to be too long for practical use. So, a session was convened in which program leaders had the opportunity […]