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Depression in adolescents trending upward, research shows

Mojtabai, R., Olfson, M., & Han, B. (2016). National trends in the prevalence and treatment of depression in adolescents and young adults. Pediatrics 138(6). DOI: 10.1542/peds.2016-1878. Summarized by Justin Preston     Introduction The risk of developing depression rises sharply once children reach adolescence. Surveys of a nationwide sample of adolescents between the ages of […]

What is the scientific method?

The term “scientific method” refers to certain guidelines that ensure that research is not shaped by personal beliefs and is grounded in measurable (empirical) evidence. The techniques used in the scientific method consist of measurement, such as surveys, experiments, or systematic observation. The following are the three steps in the scientific method: Step One: Hypothesis The first step in […]

What Might Evidence-based Policy 2.0 Look Like?

By Vivian Tseng I’ve been reading about the evolution of the internet lately, and it has me thinking about what the next generation of evidence-based policy might look like. *** Like others, my holiday shopping experience has been transformed. Back in the day, I had to fight my way through crowded stores and dig through […]