How mentors and mentoring programs can support mentees’ ethnic/racial identity

By Bernadette Sánchez & Aerika Brittian Loyd  In light of recent media coverage on murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd (and many others) and the resulting protests across the nation, supporting the positive ethnic/racial identity of youth of color, especially Black youth, is more urgent than ever. The senseless killing of Black […]

Latino Adolescents’ Ethnic Identity is a Buffer Against Perceived Discrimination

Submitted by Amy Glaspie  By Tara Kuther  As adolescents’ social worlds expand, they become increasingly aware of, and sensitive to, the views of others. Perceived ethnic discrimination poses risks for adolescents’ adjustment. Ethnic identity, the degree to which one identifies with the values, attitudes, and behaviors of one’s culture, increases in salience during adolescence and […]