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The ethics of digital mental health applications

Wykes, T., Lipshitz, J., & Schueller, S. M. (2019). Towards the Design of Ethical Standards Related to Digital Mental Health and all Its Applications. Current Treatment Options in Psychiatry, 6(3), 232–242. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40501-019-00180-0 Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although technology can make mental health services more accessible and effective, researchers, clinicians, and healthcare organizations still have […]

Kids on smartphones. Researchers are curious whether kids are aware of their rights in research done through technology.

The rights of adolescents as research participants in a digital age

By Diana J. Meter, Utah State University for SRA Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) is a term used to describe the collection of data in real time while subjects remain in their natural environments. Many adolescence researchers are familiar with contemporary beginnings in social science research, such as when Reed Larson and Claudia Lampman-Petraitis signaled adolescents to record […]

★Professor Earl Spurgin

You’re a professor of philosophy and you wrote an article about how celebrities like Michael Phelps often find themselves into the position of being role models.  Is philosophy a field that typically grapples with issues of role modeling and what’s best for today’s youth?  What got you interested in this topic? ESn (Earl Spurgin): Contemporary […]

Research Corner: Ethical Principles for Youth Mentoring

By Jean Rhodes, Renee Spencer, & Belle Liang The research panel at the National Mentoring Summit in Washington DC was enriched by the 30 minute Q & A session with the more than 100 practitioners in the audience. Several of the questions touched on core ethical issues that sometimes arise in youth mentoring. Ethics have […]