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Matthew Broderick: How Many Mentors Made a Difference

My father, he was my man. I was very close to him. Even when I don’t wanna be like my father, I’m like my father. I notice it more now that I have children. I can’t help it. The good and the bad. But it’s mostly good. From the minute I saw Jason Robards, I wanted […]

The many mentors of Steve Carell

  My second-grade teacher was named Mr. Blackman, and he pretty much sent me on my way as an actor. I remember we were doing the Indians and the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. I was a Native American in a canoe, and I was rowing. It was all mime. And I remember rowing and then switching […]

Esquire’s Mentoring Project: Fifty extraordinary men and their mentors

Who Made You The Man You Are Today? Simple question. Lots of possible answers. We asked fifty extraordinary men to tell us about the parents, coaches, teachers, troops leaders, religious leaders, and all-purpose mentors who helped them get to where they are today. They shared their stories, and their mentors, with us. Now it’s your […]

Esquire Partners With 3 Agencies to Promote Male Mentorship

By STUART ELLIOTT  ESQUIRE magazine is teaming up again with Madison Avenue for a new cause-marketing initiative, seeking to encourage more adult men to mentor boys and young men. The initiative comes eight years after a collaboration between the magazine and an up-and-coming agency to raise money for clean drinking water in the third world. […]