Matching by Race and Gender in STEM-based Mentoring Relationships

Blake-Beard, S. (2011)., Matching by Race and Gender in Mentoring Relationships: Keeping our Eyes on the Prize.  Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 67, No. 3, 2011, pp. 622–643 Dr. Stacy Blake-Beard, whose work focuses on college and graduate student mentoring, opens her piece by noting that it is often difficult to pinpoint all the factors that […]

Study finds mentoring key to influencing pupils to apply to University

(, reprinted) —Appropriately-timed student mentoring schemes can have a large and substantiate effect on influencing secondary pupils from disadvantaged areas apply to university. These are the findings of a pilot study, published today, that tested the impact and delivery of mentoring on pupils’ intentions to apply to university. The Economic and Social Research Council [ESRC]-funded […]

iMentor in the news!

ENTREPRENEURS | 5/02/2013 @ 11:17AM |2,773 views Mentoring: A Commitment To The Next Generation Reprinted from FORBES Ashoka, Contributor Morgan Stanley CIO Steve Sparkes makes a case for how mentoring can ensure more students graduate high school and succeed in college. (Photo: iMentor) A college education is key to finding a job and building a successful […]

New article on the re-emeregence of apprenticeships in U.S.

Reprinted from the Chronicle of Higher Education By Aisha Labi, November 26, 2012 Apprenticeships Make a Comeback in the United States Michael Aguilera, a student at Greenville Technical College, in South Carolina, and a participant in the BMW Scholars Program, learns from an employee at the company’s plant in Spartanburg. “It would be great to start […]