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MENTOR releases a series of supplements to the elements of effective practice for mentoring

Back in October, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership released the first entry in a series of planned supplements to their core Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ publication. The initial publication in the series focuses on mentoring programs that emphasize getting youth interested in and on career pathways in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). […]

Looking for evaluation ideas? NMRC has developed a Measurement Toolkit for mentoring programs

Written by Justin Preston Evaluation: It has its own section in the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring (EEPM). Funding organizations often require their recipients conduct rigorous evaluations to measure the impacts of their programming. It is a crtical aspect of many mentoring programs that can help to guide practice and institute a measure of accountability […]

4th Edition of the Elements of Effective Practice released: Free downloads

Download Here  The new Elements are here! This effort was led by Drs. Janis Kupersmidt and Rebecca Stelter, iRT, Stella Kanchewa and Dr. Jean Rhodes, Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring, and MENTOR’s Tammy Tai and Mike Garringer. We also had the support and guidance of an outstanding team of advisors from the research and practice world. […]

2015 Short Course on the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring – Registration Closed

Important Short Course Weather Update The Short Course on the Elements of Effective Practice will take place as planned. There are over 80 registrants from all over the US and beyond and opportunities to learn about and contribute to the EEPM4. We will let you know if there are any changes, but Wednesday should be all […]

Linking Evidence and Practice: A Fresh Look at the Core Elements of an Increasingly Diverse Mentoring Landscape

By Mike Garringer One of the things that we like to do from time to time here at the Chronicle is to tell our readers about big new projects that might impact the way they think about or conduct their work in the future. It’s not very often that something comes along that has the […]

Mentoring programs needed!

March 4, 2014: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a $1.09 million research grant to Dr. Janis Kupersmidt, Senior Research Scientist, and Dr. Rebecca Stelter, Research Scientist, at innovation Research & Training, and Dr. Jean Rhodes, Professor and Director of the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, to develop and evaluate […]