Two new studies explore how teens decide when to disclose to parents

Editor’s note: Two new studies explore the topic teen disclosure to their parents. The implications for mentors are clear. Mentors need to consider the role of culture, autonomy, and the context that give rise to spontaneous disclosure  Yau, J. (2015). Adolescent nondisclosure in cultural context: Voices of Chinese American adolescents and parents. Journal of Adolescent […]

To disclose or not to disclose, that is the question

Henretty, J., & Levitt, H. (2010). The role of therapist self-disclosure in psychotherapy: A qualitative review. Clinical Psychology Review, 30, 63-77. (Summarized by Laura Yoviene, University of Massachusetts at Boston Clinical Psychology Student). The role of therapist self-disclosure and implications for mentoring relationships Summary: In this article, Henretty and Levitt review the long-standing and sometimes conflicted […]