Digital Mental Health Use and the Role of Paraprofessionals: A Conversation with Dr. Bethany Teachman

 Interviewed By Megyn Jasman Q: Dr. Teachman, you have been involved in mental health and evidence-based skill literature for a while. What made you interested in digital mental health interventions and the role of technology in mental health care?  I am not someone who you might have predicted would get involved in digital mental health […]

What will it take to implement effective digital mental health services?

Teachman, B. A., Silverman, A. L., & Werntz, A. (2021). Digital Mental Health Services: Moving From Promise to Results. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest: Although many Americans fit the criteria for a mental illness throughout their life, a significant amount of them don’t receive sufficient treatments. Providing digital mental health […]