Profiles in Mentoring: A conversation with Torie Weiston-Serdan on Critical Mentoring

Written by Vera van den Berg  Torie Weiston-Serdan is the founder of the Youth Mentoring Action Network— a non-profit organization that focuses on youth mentoring. Moreover, Torie Weiston-Serdan is the author of “Critical mentoring: A practical guide”. She examines how marginalized and minority youth are served by mentoring and mentoring organizations. Critical mentoring, central to […]

Webinar: Developing a mentorship mindset: Critical mentoring strategies to support every child

Developing a mentorship mindset: Critical mentoring strategies to support every child March 26, 2019 8:30PM-9:30pm EDT Caregivers, educators, coaches, extended family members and other adults in young people’s lives have opportunities to have meaningful conversations with young people every day – conversations that can help young people process their emotions, understand their experiences and the […]

Are current mentoring models bad for kids’ health?

BERNADETTE SÁNCHEZ, PHD, NMRC RESEARCH BOARD MEMBER & PROFESSOR AT DEPAUL UNIVERSITY Editor’s Note: This blog article was originally posted on the National Mentoring Resource Center website. NMRC Research Board members were asked to share their key insights from last year’s National Mentoring Summit based on a workshop they lead, an innovation they learned about, […]

Fostering social engagement in minority youth can boost their job prospects

Posted by Laurel Thomas Gnagey, Social action and engagement may help marginalized teens in their careers later in life, particularly if teachers help them discuss and engage with social issues, new research suggests. At a time when race and inequality are in the headlines daily, it seems, researchers find that addressing these issues can […]

How to “Do” Critical Mentoring: Making your Program More Culturally Relevant

by Torie Weiston, Ph.D. Weighty events taking place all over our nation have prompted the mentoring world to begin looking closely at how to make our work more relevant for communities of color. Many are looking for ways to address gaps in mentoring practice. Many realize that existing practice often lacks the critical foundation required […]