New research highlights role of STEM making in addressing equity in historically marginalized communities

Calabrese Barton, A., & Tan, E. (2017). FABLEARN 2017 Proceedings. In Proceedings of FABLEARN Conference 2017, Stanford, USA, 4 pages.

Summarized by Justin Preston


Inequality and underrepresentation of youth from historically marginalized communities have been stubbornly … Read the rest

Pilot program in Baltimore uses mentoring to open up job opportunities

Written by Jayne Miller, WBAL-TV11

Baltimore is struggling to deal with crime committed by youth. Advocates said one answer is to get more young people engaged through jobs and mentoring.

But is it easier said than done?

For the first … Read the rest

Promising findings from youth-led, trauma-informed intervention

TNT hands

Harden, T., Kenemore, T., Mann, K., Edwards, M., List, C. & Martinson, K.J. (2015). The Truth N’ Trauma Project: Addressing community violence through a youth-led, trauma-informed and restorative framework. Journal of Child and Adolescent Social Work, 32, 65-79. DOI: … Read the rest