Want to improve the Transition to College?: Teach Students How to Build Networks

By Dr. Janis Kupersmidt | May 1, 2017 (from Youth Today) The Connected Scholars program utilizes the old adage “Who you know is as important as what you know” to improve college transition experiences and graduation rates. In fact, many colleges struggle with low retention rates, in part, because students don’t feel connected to the […]

A conversation with Jefferson Singer: The Posse Scholar campus mentoring program

By Justin Preston This week we sat down with Jefferson Singer, Faulk Foundation Professor of Psychology and Dean of the College at Connecticut College. Dean Singer has been serving as a faculty mentor and now director of the Connecticut College chapter of the Posse Scholar program for several years. Since 1989, the nationwide Posse Foundation […]

Quality Mentoring Connections Are Linked to Improved Student Transition to College

Lenz, S. (2014). Mediating effects of relationships with mentors on college adjustment. Journal of College Counseling. Summarized by Jessica Cunningham, B.A., Research Associate, Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring Background: It is a known, albeit unfortunate, fact that a percentage of students enrolling in college will not complete their degrees. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Education has […]

They were also always there to support me, and chase me down if I drifted away

“All the success I have experienced in life is due to the strong influence of several mentors,” says Jorge Santana, BUILD Boston’s new Program Director. “They held the bar very high. They were tough,” he says. “But they were also always there to support me, and chase me down if I drifted away.” Jorge was […]