New research investigates the different mentor roles taken on by sports coaches

White, J. S., Schempp, P. G., McCullick, B. A., Berger, B. S., & Elliott, J. M. (2017). Mentoring relationships in sport from the protégé’s perspective. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 15(1), 152-168. Summarized by Julia Mancini Notes of Interest: This article explores the effectiveness of the functions and roles in mentoring relationships […]

Why coaches matter: Implications for mentoring

  Editor’s Note: Ronald E. Smith and Frank L. Smoll are Professors of Psychology at the University of Washington and co-directors of the Youth Enrichment in Sports Project. The website contains descriptions of the coach and parent interventions and of their underlying scientific studies. Their book, Sports Psychology for Youth Coaches: Developing Champions in Youth and Life is […]

Volunteer coaches as mentors: Tapping a natural resource

Click above to listen to Mentoring U’s Micheline Mann engage in a lively conversation with Program Director of an innovative coaching program, Project Coach. by Jean Rhodes  This week, we introduce a new podcast that explores a great program, Project Coach, which uses an innovative “cascading mentoring” model to engage students as both coaches and mentees. Mentoring U’s Micheline Mann engages […]

★Professor Earl Spurgin

You’re a professor of philosophy and you wrote an article about how celebrities like Michael Phelps often find themselves into the position of being role models.  Is philosophy a field that typically grapples with issues of role modeling and what’s best for today’s youth?  What got you interested in this topic? ESn (Earl Spurgin): Contemporary […]

The Coach’s influence off the field

By ELIZABETH BERNSTEIN Wall Street Journal Aug. 1, 2016 1:52 p.m. ET There is a special man who’s changed my life recently, and he says these things to me: “You rock!” “Great job in difficult circumstances.” “You should be really proud of yourself.” He’s my scuba instructor. A great sports instructor or coach builds us […]

For women, a gender gap persists on youth coaching sidelines

BY KARA YORIO, staff writer North Jersey News When Diana Murphy walked into a Clifton gym a couple of years ago ready to coach basketball with a team of first- and second-grade boys and girls, the men already on the courts told her, “The girls play in the other gym.” Murphy responded with a stunned, […]

Legendary Baseball Player Cal Ripken Jr. To Headline National Mentoring Summit

from  Cal Ripken Jr., known as baseball’s all-time Iron Man playing 21 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles and earning a record-breaking career, will be the featured opening speaker at the 2014 National Mentoring Summit. Ripken Jr. was powerful at the plate, graceful in the field, and had unrivaled perseverance. He earned American League Rookie […]