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New report highlights effective mentoring practices for working with migrant newcomers

By Michelle Crijns & Peter De Cuyper, Reprinted from Ku Leuven Crijns, M. & De Cuyper, P. (2022). Towards effective social mentoring practices for migrant  newcomers Leuven: HIVA-KU Leuven. Text reprinted from the Summary Social mentoring for adult migrant newcomers is a new and emerging type of mentoring that has particularly gained in popularity in […]

Like it or not, immigrant children are our future

By Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco and Carola Suárez-Orozco,  The WorldPost An entirely new cartography of immigration is unfolding in real time. Today, a quarter of children in countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) are from immigrant homes, meaning they are either foreign born or have at least one parent who is foreign born. […]