Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents: State of the Research

Written by Matthew Hagler

Since 1970, the incarceration rate in the U.S. has quadrupled, resulting in more than 1 in every 100 U.S. adults being in jail or prison, the highest per capita rate in the world. Strikingly, … Read the rest

Mentoring for Children of Incarcerated Parents – National Mentoring Resource Center Review


Group Review Board
G. Roger Jarjoura, Ph.D.
(American Institutes for Research)
National Mentoring Resource Center

This review examines research on mentoring for children of incarcerated parents. The review is organized around four questions:  (1) What is the demonstrated effectiveness of … Read the rest

Why Children With Parents in Prison Are Especially Burdened

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.16.15 PMEditor’s note. This article, which was originally posted in the Atlantic Monthly, describes both the psychological toll of parental incarceration, the results of two new reports, and the types of programs that have been developed to redress this issue. Read the rest

The other side of incarceration: What happens to children left behind?

By Kelsey Warner (Christian Science Monitor)

One in 14 American children have experienced a parent serving time, according to a new study by Child Trends. For black children, the rate is even higher – one in nine.


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New study suggests that prison cycle is tough to break for teens

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Posted by Jared Wadley-Michigan 

Jailed teens whose parents have a history of incarceration are unlikely to be successful without outside intervention.

For a new study published in the Journal of Poverty, researchers examined the extent to which various risk Read the rest

Mentoring Youth of Incarcerated Parents: My Experience Volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters

Associate editor’s Note: The following article by Dr. Tim Cavell was originally published on The Huffington Post and is republished with permission of the author. In the recent past, The Chronicle Read the rest

Empowering Our Young People, and Stemming the Collateral Damage of Incarceration

IMG_4997Editor’s note: On Oct. 8, my colleagues (Megan Blondin and Kristen Truffa from MANY; Janis Kupersmidt from iRT) and I had the rare opportunity to attend a meeting at the White House in which officials announced efforts to improve the Read the rest

Amachi Texas completes a randomized controlled trial–with impressive results

Amachi Texas completes a randomized controlled trial--with impressive results - The Chronicles of Evidence-Based MentoringBy Richard A. Lewis, Director, Federal Compliance and Project Management, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

In Texas, the Amachi program was established in 2006 as a public-private partnership and joint initiative of the Office of the Governor, the … Read the rest

An attachment perspective on incarcerated parents and their children

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.10.45 AMCassidy, J., Poehlmann, J., & Shaver, P. (2010). An attachment perspective on incarcerated parents and their children. Attachment & Human Development, 12(4), 285-288.


It is estimated that over 3 million children are affected by having an incarcerated parent (Glaze … Read the rest

Policy Corner: How Amachi serves the needs of children of incarcerated parents

W. Wilson Goode Sr.

Policy Corner: How Amachi serves the needs of children of incarcerated parents

by. W. Wilson Goode Sr.

About 10.7 million U.S. children ages eighteen and under have at least one parent who is under some form of supervision by the … Read the rest