How to strengthen the capacity of everyday caring adults

by Jean Rhodes Early into my research career, I stumbled onto an intriguing finding. In the late 1980s, Chicago had been swept into the worst crack epidemic in American history. I was working on my dissertation in a high school, hoping to uncover the strategies that a small fraction of students were using to resist the overwhelming […]

Promising findings from youth-led, trauma-informed intervention

Harden, T., Kenemore, T., Mann, K., Edwards, M., List, C. & Martinson, K.J. (2015). The Truth N’ Trauma Project: Addressing community violence through a youth-led, trauma-informed and restorative framework. Journal of Child and Adolescent Social Work, 32, 65-79. DOI: 10.1007/s10560-014-0366-0 Summarized by Justin Preston   Introduction Chicago has experienced one of the country’s highest violent […]

Chicago Teens And Combat Veterans Join Forces To Process Trauma

AUDIE CORNISH NPR If you took a map of Chicago and put down a tack for each person shot last year, you’d need nearly 3,000 tacks. Of those, 101 would be clustered in the neighborhood of East Garfield Park. That’s where 15-year-old Jim Courtney-Clarks lives. “To be honest, I really don’t like it,” Courtney-Clarks says. […]

Chicago launches one-stop shop of youth mentoring opportunities

By Maudlyne Ihejirika  Propelling the challenge made by the mayor in his inaugural address, the city on Monday launches an online one-stop shop designed to connect Chicagoans with youth mentoring opportunities. One Good Deed Chicago, previously a website repository of the city’s nonprofits, has been revamped to play matchmaker between Chicagoans interested in positively influencing the […]

An evidence-based approach to raising academic success

Young men of color’s math scores lag far behind young white men, and they are at high risk for dropout. Indeed, only about 60%  graduate from high school in four years, compared with 79 percent of young white men. In this week’s New York Times, an article by David Kirp provides encouraging data to suggest that there’s an […]

How natural mentoring relationships support gay, bisexual, and questioning male youth

Torres, R.S., Harper, G.W., Sanchez, B., & Fernandez, M.I. (2012). Examining Natural Mentoring Relationships (NMRs) among Self- Identified Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning (GBQ) Male Youth. Child and Youth Service Review, 34 (1), 8-14. Summarized by Chelsea Kearin, CEBM Editorial Associate Introduction: Many gay, bisexual, and questioning (GBQ) teenagers experience isolation and hostility due to persistent […]

Spark: Integrating Mentoring and Connected Learning

by Sarah Schwartz As described in an earlier post, connected learning is learning that is interest-driven, socially-embedded, and academically-oriented. In this post, I wanted to highlight Spark, an innovative program serving middle school students that is integrating mentoring and connected learning in an apprenticeship model. I had the privilege of attending a Match Event at one […]