For at-risk teens, the benefits of a caring adult last beyond youth

By Brett Theodos, Urban Institute  Youth who are disconnected from school and work may lack social networks that connect them to support and community resources and are vulnerable to negative outcomes as they transition to adulthood. Many efforts have been made to improve the education, employment, and behavioral outcomes of at-risk youth, but relatively few […]

The mentoring paradox, and how to solve it

by Jean Rhodes In a forthcoming book, “Older and wiser: Rethinking youth mentoring for the 21st Century,” (Harvard University Press), I explore why the field of mentoring has remained somewhat decoupled from the more rigorous guidelines of prevention science, and has been granted considerable immunity from the consequences of disappointing findings over the years. Although […]

Over 100 votes, and the winner is…..

      The results are in and the term caring adults won by a very small margin. Everyday mentors and natural mentors were edged out by only a couple of votes, and if combined, there still does appear to be a strong consensus around using the term “mentor,” despite some objections from formal mentoring programs. The term […]

On sparks, purpose, and natural mentors

Reflections on Natural Mentoring Conference by Peter Samuelson, Director, Research & Evaluation, Thrive Foundation If we want to increase the number of caring adults in the lives of youth, where might they be found? In the mentoring field, the metaphor of “fishing” has been used to illustrate mentoring. To increase the presence of caring adults […]