How trust in adults influences Latinx youths’ well-being via self-esteem & mentoring relationship quality

  O’Donnell, A. J., Sánchez, B., & Grant, K. E. (2021). Latinx adolescents’ trust in adults: A precursor to psychological well-being via mentoring relational quality and self-esteem. Journal of Community Psychology. Summarized by Ariel Ervin   Notes of Interest: Although trust is beneficial for psychological well-being, there’s limited research that assesses the impact trust in adults has […]

Why it’s so important to consider youth’s capacity for connection

by Jean Rhodes In a study of successful, long-term mentoring relationships, Renee Spencer pinpointed the precise turning point in the relationship between 14 year old Alana and Alana’s diehard mentor, Stacy (Spencer, Levine, & Rhodes, 2017). Early mistreatment had shattered Alana’s capacity to forge trusting bonds, and she’d grown adept at forcing relationships to their […]

Practice Corner: Parents are an important part of the equation

An Important Part of the Equation By: Marty Martinez As practitioners fueling the mentoring movement, we’re all in the business of creating high quality and outcome-based mentoring relationships. In order to achieve that, programs work hard to create great quality matches that potentially can last a lifetime and have an important impact on the life […]