DOJ Updates: 2019 Fiscal Year Performance Budget

The DOJ 2019 Fiscal Year Performance Budget is released. While there is an overall 2.1% increase in DOJ funding, there is a 11.9% cut to NIJ’s budget. This demonstrated a redistribution of funding, moving away from research to more direct service programs, including areas such as opioid addiction recovery and school violence prevention. According to […]

Policy Corner: Janet Forbush on latest policy implications for mentoring

Written by Janet Forbush, Senior Advisor with the Center for the Advancement of Mentoring March 2017 Introduction: The frenzy of current public policy activity at all levels of government as well as in the private sector has set an entirely new stage for what we have come to know as “March Madness.”  Though readers of […]

White House budget puts funds for mentoring in danger

by David Shapiro You’ve probably heard about the White House budget proposal to Congress recommending significant cuts to federal domestic programs, including those affecting young people. During a cable news interview, Office of Management and Budget Director Mulvaney specifically referenced cuts to grants at the Department of Justice (the federal agency that hosts the OJJDP youth […]