Importance of attunement to mentoring relationships and mentees’ academic support-seeking behavior?

Weiler, L., Chesmore, A., Pryce, J., Haddock, S., & Rhodes, T. (2019). Mentor Response to Youth Academic Support–Seeking Behavior: Does Attunement Matter? Youth & Society, 51(4), 548-569. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest: Mentoring interventions are appealing methods to help lower the chances of poor academic performance, school absence, and dropping-out, for adolescent offenders. However, the […]

Different roles different styles: Study explores mentoring roles.

Different roles and different results: Is there an ideal mentoring style? Keller, T. & Pryce, J. (2012). Different roles and different results: How activity orientations correspond to         relationship quality and student outcomes in school-based mentoring. Journal of Primary  Prevention, 33, 47-64. Background: Recent mentoring research has shown that the quality of the mentoring relationship […]