Pedro Noguera: Why students need more than ‘grit’

By Pedro A. Noguera and Anindya Kundu Recently, “grit” has received growing attention from educators and others as the critical ingredient to academic success. Given our nation’s admiration for the rugged individual, it is understandable why we choose to glorify guts and grit. However, it is less clear why the idea has become such a […]

Changes to Key Numbers in “The Mentoring Effect” Report

by David DuBois This report as originally issued (Bruce & Bridgeland, 2014, see URL to current version of report below) included the conclusion that an estimated 4.5 million at-risk young people (ages 8-18) are currently in mentoring relationships. It turns out that this conclusion (as well as analogous ones made for not at risk youth, […]

On Being Our Brother’s Keeper

by John Bridgeland, CEO, Civic Enterprises and Melody Barnes, Director, White House Domestic Policy Council A former gang member and high school dropout, James Mackey is the kind of kid most of us feared and too many ignored. If we paid any attention to James, we thought he would never be a contributing member of society and […]

Social Media, Youth Mentoring: Tools to Fight Urban Violence

 From Huffington Post Print Article In many countries across the Global South, urban centers are also centers of crime and violence. This can take many shapes: gang violence, sexual assault, petty theft, drug trafficking, domestic violence, human trafficking… Coupled with extreme social and economic inequality, rapid urbanization, and a young population, crime takes off and thrives, […]

Building Adult Capabilities to Improve Child Outcomes: A Theory of Change

Building on the “intentional mentoring” column we posted last week, this 5-minute video makes the case for training adults to be more effective agents of change  for  vulnerable children and families. “What children need is for their entire environment of relationships to be invested in their healthy outcomes”    

Mentors as Shepherds

by Tim Cavell, Ph.D. Nearly 15 years ago, I submitted a grant proposal for a mentoring study that wasn’t funded. Soon after, I switched faculty positions and the idea behind the study was set aside. These days I think a lot about that idea and its approach to mentoring. The idea was this: Youth at […]

We can all learn from the late George Albee

Editors Note: George Albee (1921-2006) was an influential mentor in my life and, by association, the “grandmentor” of many young scholars in the field of mentoring. In this interview, from Lifelines we hear about the intellectual basis for our field and the need for prevention services. I am grateful to Lifelines for conducting and posting this interview. George […]

Intensive Small-Group Tutoring and Counseling Helps Struggling Students

 Editors Note: This is a very encouraging study, summarized in the New York Times, about the power of tutors and mentors to help struggling students. CHICAGO — By the time they reach eighth grade, according to federal tests, half of all African-American schoolboys have not mastered the most basic math skills that educators consider essential […]

FORUM: How will the new report on the “mentoring gap” help your efforts?

Earlier this month, MENTOR released The Mentoring Effect: Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring (pdf file), a major contribution to our understanding of just how much of an impact mentors are having on the lives of America’s young people. You can read more about the report and its findings on the […]

Important new report provides national overview of youth mentoring

As reported by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership. Download full report here.   The Mentoring Effect is a compelling new report informed by the first-ever nationally representative survey of young people on the topic of both informal and formal mentoring, as well as a literature and landscape review and insights from a variety of key leaders […]