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New study explores mentor personality and relationship quality: Some surprising results!

Younginer, S. T., & Elledge, L. C. (2021). Mentor personality and attachment as correlates of youth mentoring relationship quality within a school-based mentoring intervention: The moderating role of negative interactions. Journal of Community Psychology, 49(7), 2569–2589. https://doi.org/10.1002/jcop.22654 Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest: Given the role mentoring relationship quality has on positive youth outcomes, it’s important to […]

How mentor traits affect their relationship with aggressive children

Cavell, T. A., Mutignani, L. M., Alfonso, L., & Marie Smith, A. (2020). Attachment Tendencies, Big 5 Personality Traits, and Self‐Efficacy as Predictors of Mentors’ Relationships with Aggressive Children. American Journal of Community Psychology, 66(1-2), 130-143. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Many staff members are expected to identify helpful and problematic habits from […]

New study show that kids who live with half or step-siblings are more aggressive

Posted by Diane Swanbrow-Michigan on February 8, 2016 About one in six children in the United States—more than previously thought—live with half- or step-siblings just before starting kindergarten. And new research suggests these children behave more aggressively more often, on average, than other children do. Previous studies on how family complexity affects children’s development have […]

Lunch buddy mentoring program: A successful approach to working with aggressive children

Cavell, T. A., & Henrie, J. L. (2010). Deconstructing serendipity: Focus, purpose, and authorship in lunch buddy mentoring. New Directions for Youth Development, 2010(126), 107-121.  Background Aggressive children are at risk for problems such as delinquency, school failure, and substance abuse. In this study Cavell and Henrie (2010) evaluated a school-based prevention program for highly aggressive school-age children. […]