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Do You Love Lunch?: How these feelings associate with students sense of belonging in school

Whiting, E. F., Hinton, A. E., & Jensen, B. (2022). Loving lunch in junior high: Lunchtime activities and a sense of belonging in school. Journal of community psychology, 50(7), 2973–2992. https://doi.org/10.1002/jcop.22809 Summarized by Maggie Bayly Notes of Interest: All humans need a sense of belonging. For students, this idea is linked to memberships and connectedness to their […]

10 reasons mentors should play cards with their mentees

by Jean Rhodes Who knew? The simple act of playing cards or board games can help promote learning and stronger mentoring relationships. Playing age appropriate card and board games is great way to strengthen ties, improve soft skills, and advance cognitive skills. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, writer Susan Shellenbarger cites research to lay out the many benefits of this […]