Developing self-regulated learning skills with school-based mentoring

organizeNunez, J., Rosario, P., Vallejo, G., & Gonzalez-Pienda, J. A. (2013). A longitudinal assessment of the effectiveness of a school-based mentoring program in middle school. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 38, 11-21.


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Mentors can help students overcome math anxiety

Posted by Mark Peters

Even students who perform extremely well on math exams can suffer from anxiety. And the better a student does at math, the more strongly anxiety will drag his or her performance down, new research shows.

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The messenger matters: New research shows peers better than teachers at academic motivation

Posted by Andy Henion

“Why do I have to learn this?” is a common question among young adults. New research suggests an answer from their peers has more weight than one from their teachers.

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New Research Identifies Relationship Quality as Key to Successful School-Based Mentoring

Child At School

Bayer, A., Grossman, J., & DuBois, D. L. (2015). Using volunteer mentors to improve the academic outcomes of underserved students: The role of relationships. Journal of Community Psychology.

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FORUM: How do you encourage mentors to support students academically?

07641FRL.sizedFor the longest time, policymakers, school districts, and educators have been trying to figure out how to use the power of mentoring to support students academically. Early on, this led to mentoring programs that were “mentoring” in name, but heavy … Read the rest