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How mentors can help youth flourish: Implications from positive psychology

Leach, C. J., Green, L. S., & Grant, A. M. (2014). Flourishing Youth Provision: The Potential Role of Positive Psychology and Coaching in Enhancing Youth Services. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 9(1). 44-58. Summary Great Britain and Australia have well-developed strategies for what is called youth work in these contexts – or […]

Stanley Tucci recalls his father’s emphasis on the importance of art

In Chapter 183, of Matilda Raffa Cuomo’s book: The Person Who Changed My Life, Stanley Tucci, American actor, writer, film producer and film director, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Lovely Bones, and won an Emmy Award for his performance in Winchell, recalls his father’s emphasis […]

★ Dr. Vartan Gregorian discusses mentoring in the 21st Century

By Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York I am living proof that mentoring works… a point that was very important for me to make in my autobiography, The Road to Home. Born in Tabriz, Iran, raised by my illiterate peasant yet wise disciplinarian Armenian grandmother, my life was changed thanks to a series of […]

New study of female college students highlights the benefits of mentoring

McGill, J., Adler-Baeder, F., Sollie, D.L., & Kerpelman, J.L. (2015). Exploring the experiences of female emerging adult mentors: Building a conceptual model. Journal of Adolescent Research, 30(5), 538-564. Background There has been limited research focused on the experiences of the mentor in the mentor-mentee relationship. However, mentors are likely to receive benefits as well from […]

Listen and Learn: Subscribe to the Free Mentoring U Podcast Series

  SUBCRIBE TO Mentoring U in iTunes HERE  Let Mentoring U teach you about the latest mentoring and youth development research.  The  podcasts each run about 5-10 minutes and promise to entertain you with lively interviews, and inform you about mentoring-related news. Produced by award-winning radio host, Micheline Mann, the Chronicle’s podcast series was recently described by […]

Practice Corner: Parents are an important part of the equation

An Important Part of the Equation By: Marty Martinez As practitioners fueling the mentoring movement, we’re all in the business of creating high quality and outcome-based mentoring relationships. In order to achieve that, programs work hard to create great quality matches that potentially can last a lifetime and have an important impact on the life […]

The importance of community context in natural mentoring

Schwartz, S. O., Chan, C., Rhodes, J., & Scales, P. (2013). Community developmental assets and positive youth development: The role of natural mentors. Research in Human Development. 10, 141-162.   Introduction:  Research on positive youth development has highlighted the importance of supportive community contexts (Youngblade & Theokas, 2010). In this study, Schwartz and colleagues explored how […]

Mentoring associated with better attitudes about school

The effects of non-academic mentoring on school-related cognitions: A pilot study MacArthur, S. S., Higginbotham, B. J., & Ho, E. (2013). The effects of non-academic mentoring on school-related cognitions: A pilot study. Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice, 8(1), 28-37. Introduction: Community-based mentoring (CBM) has emerged as a reliable intervention for at risk […]

For this educator, teaching is mentoring

By John Warner, Chronicle of Higher Education It is safe to say that I would not be here, doing this, if not for the assistance of mentors. One of the most important of those mentors was my undergraduate creative writing professor at the University of Illinois, Philip Graham. He’s been present in just about every stage […]

Why the #IfIDieInPoliceCustody Hashtag is Wake-Up Call For Mentoring: Three ways Mentoring can Become More Critical Now

by Torie Weiston, Ph.D. Soon after the news that Sandra Bland, a Black woman arrested in Texas, had died in police custody, the hashtag #IfIDieInPoliceCustody began to trend on Twitter. This hashtag is another sobering reminder that the world we and more importantly, the youth we mentor, exist in is full of daunting and highly […]