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Mentoring relationships as a protective factor for pregnant and parenting African-American teenagers

Klaw, E., & Rhodes, J. (1995). Mentor relationships and the career development of pregnant and parenting African-American teenagers. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 19, 551-562. Mentoring relationships as a protective factor for pregnant and parenting African-American teenagers Problem: Growing up, African American young women — specifically those who are pregnant or already parenting — disproportionately face a myriad of […]

What Predicts Volunteers’ Commitment to Mentoring Relationships? You guessed it…

Madia, B.P., & Lutz, C.J. (2004). Perceived similarity, expectation-reality discrepancies, and mentors’ expressed intention to remain in Big Brothers/Big Sisters programs. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 34 (3), 598-623. Mentor initiated premature terminations compromise mentoring programs’ goal of fostering quality relationships between youth and nonparental adults. Moreover, for youth from potentially vulnerable backgrounds, the premature […]

Fostering social engagement in minority youth can boost their job prospects

Posted by Laurel Thomas Gnagey, Social action and engagement may help marginalized teens in their careers later in life, particularly if teachers help them discuss and engage with social issues, new research suggests. At a time when race and inequality are in the headlines daily, it seems, researchers find that addressing these issues can […]

New research investigates long-term impacts of natural mentors

Miranda-Chan, T., Fruiht, V., Dubon, V., & Wray-Lake, L. (2016). The functions and longitudinal outcomes of adolescents’ naturally occurring mentorships. American Journal of Community Psychology, 57, 47-59. Summarized by Sam Burton     Introduction Research has demonstrated that having strong relationships with non-parental adults relates to positive outcomes for adolescents, such as performing better in […]

It’s not what you know….: The case for a networked approach to mentoring

by Jean Rhodes According to a recent Gallup poll  successful college students have one important thing in common–they all had one or more teachers who were mentors who took an interest in their hopes and dreams.  “We think it’s a big deal” where we go to college,” Gallup’s Brandon Busteed told the New York Times. But […]

Study uncovers interesting differences in the interpersonal tone of school-based mentoring relationships

Pryce, J. M., & Keller, T. E. (2013). Interpersonal tone within school-based youth mentoring relationships. Youth & Society, 45(1), 98-116. Background Positive mentoring relationships display closeness, warmth, authenticity, and empathy. This study sought to capture the emotional tone of interactions within the relationships, using observable interactions, such as communication, facial expressions, eye contact, and signs of affection. […]

★ Dr. Vartan Gregorian discusses mentoring in the 21st Century

By Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York I am living proof that mentoring works… a point that was very important for me to make in my autobiography, The Road to Home. Born in Tabriz, Iran, raised by my illiterate peasant yet wise disciplinarian Armenian grandmother, my life was changed thanks to a series of […]

Methods Corner Cracking the code: How to Read a Research Paper

by Adar Ben-Eliyahu, PhD For many of us, reading an academic research paper can be overwhelming. We open the document and can become easily overwhelmed by the arcane language and complicated statistics. But, with a little guidance, reading it can be fairly straightforward. This is because almost all academic papers (especially in Psychology and Education) […]

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  SUBCRIBE TO Mentoring U in iTunes HERE  Let Mentoring U teach you about the latest mentoring and youth development research.  The  podcasts each run about 5-10 minutes and promise to entertain you with lively interviews, and inform you about mentoring-related news. Produced by award-winning radio host, Micheline Mann, the Chronicle’s podcast series was recently described by […]