These Connections are currency; some young people need our help to form them

By Stephanie Malia Krauss,

The other day I attended a diversity training at work. The facilitator talked about who and how we hire. She said something that really stuck with me: You get hired based on who you know; … Read the rest

Conversations about masculinity: How mentors can support young men of color

The National Mentoring Partnership

Conversations About MasculinityHow Mentors Can Support Young Men of Color is a research-backed and youth-informed guide to unpack the timely and critical topic of toxic masculinity. Our collective understanding of gender is evolving, and … Read the rest

How to empower justice-involved youth leaders

By Diana-Onley Campbell,

Across the youth justice community, the leadership and expertise of justice-involved youth remains untapped or is utilized in ways that disempower and mirror the exploitative systems that we, as advocates, seek to dismantle.

If we, as … Read the rest

The next generation of evidence-based policy

By Vivian Tseng, William T Grant Foundation

In 2016, Congress surprised everyone and passed the long overdue re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, with strong support from both parties.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) includes over 80 … Read the rest

Camp staff can call national hotline when emergencies strike

By Laurie Browne,

Camps and other youth programs are fun, dynamic and fast-paced places, which is part of the reason youth thrive in these settings. But these and other features of typical camps can also be a recipe for … Read the rest

Youth in foster care need more support in transition to college


Going through the foster care system isn’t easy, but what happens to youth as they begin to transition into life outside foster care? Many conversations come up about turning 18 and plans for after graduation, … Read the rest

Using evidence to do the most good, even when it reveals an “inconvenient truth”

By Patrick T. McCarthy, William T. Grant Foundation

Our supply of evidence about What Works, though still too small, is beginning to grow. I want to focus here on how we use evidence—how we put it to work to … Read the rest

Students learn from people they love

By David Brooks, New York Times

A few years ago, when I was teaching at Yale, I made an announcement to my class. I said that I was going to have to cancel office hours that day because I was

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Evidence is only as good as what you do with it

By Mark Lipsey, William T. Grant Foundation

We are living in a time of unprecedented systematic research on the effectiveness of interventions that are intended to produce better outcomes. This level of effort is producing a substantial volume of intervention … Read the rest

NMRC quality member spotlight: The garage community and youth center

By Abigail Ellis, National Mentoring Resources Center

The Garage Community and Youth Center has been a haven for middle and high school youth living near their two sites in Kennett Square and West Grove, Pennsylvania. Amongst diverse out of school … Read the rest