Addressing Student Mental Health: Strategies for Teachers

By Rachael Kingrey, American Youth Policy Forum Youth in the United States are in the midst of a mental health crisis. Even before the pandemic, mental health challenges among young people were on the rise, with substantial increases in the rates of depressive episodes and suicidal ideation among young adults ages 12-25. Most students face […]

Student Engagement: Building Relationships, Finding Their Sparks

By Search Institute Engaging young people can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. Trust between adults and students doesn’t just happen, it takes intention, openness, and patience. Like most of us, students respond to kindness, repeated interest, empathy and compassion. Finding students’ sparks, their passions that they find deeply motivating, and building a relationship with them […]

How do you talk to students about their networks?

By Julia Freeland Fisher, The Christensen Institute How do you talk to students about social capital? If you want students to deepen and expand their networks, what messages and experiences increase the likelihood that they’ll feel confident and inspired to do so? These questions come up frequently in our fieldwork. Although this is certainly an […]

A Strength-Based Approach to Mentoring

By Youth Collaboratory Overview A Strength-Based Approach to Mentoring was developed through a practitioner-researcher collaboration focused on identifying evidence-based practices in mentoring specifically designed to support youth that have been impacted by parental incarceration. While our research partners designed and implemented a random trial assignment study, Youth Collaboratory defined a strength-based approach to mentoring – […]

Fostering Positive Youth-Adult Relationships: My Experience in an Outdoor Education Environment

By Tiffany Ross, YouthREX YouthREX collaborated with students at Brock University reflecting on their placements involving child and youth work. In this reflection, a student shares her knowledge of how to build stronger relationships with youth in our communities, and discusses the unique challenges and lessons she learned while working with youth. Read what she […]

Building Connection: Conversation Starters for Youth in Challenging Times

By Search Institute We’ve all noticed that young people seem to escape into their own world. And it’s not just the screens and headphones. Let’s face it, these are challenging times for young people—and for all of us, to be fair. It’s challenging to find common ground and share a positive future for ourselves or […]

Position paper: Mentoring in Europe: Towards and inclusive society, connecting cultures and generations

By Mentoring Europe The first ever mentoring event in the European Parliament is now a fact. It was a momentous occasion as European decision makers and the European mentoring field came together to take the first steps in giving mentoring the official recognition that it deserves. The event Mentoring in Europe: building a society of […]

What is the “relationship gap” and why is it important?

By Search Institute Helping Students Thrive: Closing the Relationship Gap in Schools and Youth Programs We can not thrive in isolation. For young people, relationships are vital, because they are fundamental to their development. Relationships with caring adults are especially important for young people, and yet data routinely show that they don’t experience them as […]

MENTOR Issues New Elements Supplement on Critical Mentoring

This supplement came as a result of conversations and “conspirations” between Dr. Elizabeth Santiago, formerly the chief program officer for MENTOR, and Dr. Torie Weiston-Serdan, chief visionary officer of Youth Mentoring Action Network, and author of Critical Mentoring: A Practical Guide. We recognized that it was imperative to establish an accessible, working collection of information […]

Improving the Quality of Mentoring Programmes & Recommendations for the European Mentoring Field – Interview with Thomas E. Keller

By Erika Irabor, Mentoring Europe Our European mentoring community is constantly seeking innovation – improvement, and interaction. Therefore, QUALITY in mentoring is like water for flowers – without it, nothing can grow. One way to accomplish that mission is to learn from other mentoring experts. And this also represents the key purpose of this blog […]