What is the impact of exposure to community violence on adolescents’ mental health?

By Kendall Johnson, Society for Research on Adolescence

It has been well researched that urban adolescents are also exposed to high amounts of community violence, which can affect their overall and mental well-being. Over 85% report witnessing some type Read the rest

These tools help coach college youth aged out of foster care to develop relationships

By Yvonne Unrau, Youth Today

What does it take to engage students who age out of foster care into supportive relationships on the college campus? It helps to understand that relationships formed with supportive adults, such as caseworkers, foster parents, … Read the rest

Training young people to be peer leaders and educators is powerful

By Laurie Jo Wallace, Youth Today

Youth engagement, youth leadership, youth participation, youth voice and choice, youth as leaders and decision-makers: These are ideas that are not new to the youth development and youth work field; and yet there are … Read the rest

Youth Collaboratory Report: Youth-level outcomes & measures for system responses to youth homelessness

Youth Collaboratory

What is the Youth Outcomes Project?

The Youth Outcomes Project (YOP), a collaboration between Youth Collaboratory, Chapin Hall, multiple federal agencies and a number of leading researchers, practitioners, philanthropists, and youth with lived experience, provides guidance and promotes … Read the rest

Rethinking meaning of ‘justice’ for youth experiencing homelessness

Rachel Schmitz, Youth Today

What does “justice” look like for young people experiencing homelessness in the United States? As one of the wealthiest nations in the world, it is troubling to consider the numerous ways that we, as a … Read the rest

Child Trends Report: Family instability & children’s social development

Report written by Sydney Briggs, Emily Cantrell, Elizabeth Karberg

Report Intro/Brief:
“Family instability refers to changes in parents’ residential and romantic partnerships, such as marriage, divorce, and romantic partners moving in or out of the home. As rates of cohabitation, … Read the rest

Supporting young people in the wake of violence and trauma

 National Mentoring Resource Center

Description of Resource: This guide provides mentors with recommendations and resources to help them support youth who have faced experiences with violence or trauma. Topics addressed include helping youth process their emotions, ask for help, and … Read the rest

Strengthening social and emotional learning of program staff Is better for youth

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is all the rage when it comes to supporting youth and young adults. But what about staff and leaders who are asked to support that learning and model those SEL … Read the rest

How youth voices can help us keep kids away from the juvenile justice system

By Brandon Griggs, Youth Today

Statistics recently released by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice illustrate a grim reality for the outcomes of most individuals who have ever gone through the juvenile court system as teens or even younger. Not … Read the rest

What youth-serving groups can learn by using frameworks from other fields

Rebecca Fabiano, Youth Today

I am known to borrow tips, tricks and tools from all kinds of sources. I rely on a multitude of frameworks from the field of youth development to support or further the work I do.… Read the rest