What’s new in public policy? Mid-November, 2018

Janet ForbushBy Janet Forbush

Background:  The mid-term election has come and gone, or, has it?  Despite the fact it is nearly ten days since voters went to the polls across the country on November 6, in a number of races , … Read the rest

What works, tiered evidence, and the future of evidence-based policy

By Vivian Tseng, William T. Grant Foundation

As a lifelong science geek, I’ve always thought research was fascinating, but I never thought it would inspire much political interest. Current events suggest that I may have been wrong.

Research evidence is … Read the rest

NMRC review on mentoring for youth with disabilities

Review by National Mentoring Resource Center

This review examined research on mentoring for youth (ages 25 and younger) who have a disability, including physical, cognitive, learning, and developmental disabilities, and excluding psychiatric disabilities which have been discussed elsewhere. It … Read the rest

Reclaim elders as leaders and mentors

By Raymond A. Jetson, Chief executive catalyst at MetroMorphosis and a Public Voices Fellow; The Advocate

In September, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Chief Murphy Paul announced a plan to establish an advisory council to the chief, “to advise and … Read the rest

Older execs turn gurus to boost nonprofit missions

By Robert Weisman, The Boston Globe 
For mentors, coaching work is energizing
Martha Sloan Felch grew up in comfortable suburbs of Philadelphia and Chicago. She earned an MBA before launching a successful banking career, with tours at Shawmut, Fleet, and … Read the rest

What’s new in public policy? November, 2018

Janet ForbushBy Janet Forbush

Background:  The past ten days in the history of the United States of America have been startling, horrifying, and nationally traumatizing on several levels.  How often have we heard the phrase “words matter” over these past several … Read the rest

Cops and black kids: Does police mentoring defuse the tension?

By Stell Simonton,

In early 2017, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America took on a program nationwide that pairs youth with police mentors.

Another mentoring program in Atlanta pairs teens with officers on horseback, the Atlanta Mounted Patrol, and … Read the rest

How a positive outlook on the future may protect teens from violence

By Alison Culyba,

Youth violence is pervasive and has serious consequences for teens’ health and well-being. Based on a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey of ninth to 12th graders in the U.S., 1 in 6 youth … Read the rest

What’s new in public policy? Mid-October, 2018

Janet ForbushBy Janet Forbush

Background:  In less than three weeks voters will go to polls throughout the country to exercise their civic responsibility and opportunity to cast votes in the midterm 2018 elections.  This event offers a valuable time for mentors … Read the rest

Five Common Methodological Challenges in Mentoring Research (and How to Address Them)

By Matthew Hagler

To increase the effectiveness and availability of mentoring interventions for our youth, researchers and practitioners must form dynamic, bidirectional collaborations. Even beyond such partnerships, it is important that all stakeholders in mentoring programs be able to understand … Read the rest