MENTOR welcomes Fred T. Whitted Jr., the New Director of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives

By: MENTOR MENTOR Staff Could you introduce yourself and include a little about your background? I am Fred T. Whitted Jr. and I am the new Director of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives at MENTOR. I have 7+ years of progressive experience in outreach, training, and program development. I gained these professional opportunities by working within […]

APA releases important guidelines on race and ethnicity in psychology: Implications for mentoring

In 2019, the American Psychological Association (APA) published comprehensive guidelines on addressing issues of race and ethnicity in all areas of psychological practice (APA Task Force on Race and Ethnicity Guidelines in Psychology). This seminal report provides an extensive review of theoretical and empirical literature to inform psychologists on promoting racial and ethnocultural responsiveness and […]

MENTOR announces the 2024 national corporate mentoring honor roll

Press Release BOSTON – MENTOR, the unifying champion for the youth mentoring movement, has released the 2024 National Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll. This list recognizes American corporations offering substantial mentoring opportunities to spur young people’s holistic growth. Launched in partnership with First Lady Michelle Obama in 2011, the Honor Roll first challenged companies to support […]

Gen Z has less access to mentoring resources

Alia Wong USA TODAY If it weren’t for his mentor, Kevin Villanueva, 19, says he may not have overcome all the necessary hurdles to getting into the prestigious business college of his dreams. His mentor, Cal Mullan, entered his life at just the right time in 2019 – on the eve of the pandemic – […]

The Science of Engaging Youth Lived Experience in Health Research, Practice, and Policy

The Science of Engaging Youth Lived Experience in Health Research, Practice, and Policy Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2024) Reprinted from National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the value of incorporating youth voices in the development of research and programming aimed at supporting youth well-being. On […]

Mentoring in the Mountains – An Impactful Approach to Positive Youth Development

Reposted from: NMRCFebruary 15, 2023 Since its inception in 1993 at Vail Mountain, SOS Outreach, a national positive youth development organization, has evolved from humble roots of providing youth access to skiing and snowboarding to now offering a robust multi-year group mentoring curriculum across 24 mountain resorts in 9 states. SOS engages youth from underserved […]

A new tool to measure burnout among overnight camp staff

By Monica Arkin The Camp Counselor Burnout Scale is a nine-item self-report questionnaire that captures experiences of burnout among overnight camp staff. Five years had passed since I last worked at my overnight camp when suddenly in summer 2021 my dream opportunity arose: I was going to return to my childhood camp to join the […]

Centering Black Adolescent Girl's Voices.

Centering Black Adolescent Girl’s Voices


New Toolkit: Measuring Benefits of Mentoring for Mentors and Others Outside the Mentoring Relationship

Reprinted from National Mentoring Resource Center Measurement Guidance Toolkit The National Mentoring Resource Center’s Measurement Guidance Toolkit provides recommended instruments for measuring key youth outcomes in mentoring programs as well as several risk and protective factors that may be relevant to program outcomes. Using These Instruments in Your Program While this Toolkit can help your mentoring program […]

Child Trends: Five ways trauma-informed care supports children’s development

Child Trends Contributors: Jessica Dym Bartlett, Kristin Anderson Moore, April Wilson, and Zakia Redd Childhood trauma is common. More than two thirds of children in the United States experience a traumatic event or circumstances—such as abuse or neglect, death of a loved one, or community violence—by the time they turn 16. Young children (birth to […]