New Mentoring Research

A survey of the latest peer-reviewed research on youth mentoring.

These everyday practices that could boost mentees’ mental health

Kazdin, A. (2023). Interventions in Everyday Life to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders. American Psychologist, Vol. 79, No. 2, 185–209. ISSN: 0003-066X by Jean Rhodes In a recent study, Yale psychology professor Alan Kazdin (2023) highlighted the global mental health crisis and the fact that most people do not receive […]

New Study Explores Effects of Ethnic-Racial (Mis)Match on Relationship Strength

Koide et al. (2024). Ethnic-Racial (Mis)Match between Mentors and Mentees on Perceived Strength of Relationship, Education Sciences DO – 10.3390/educsci14040398 Background The quality of the mentoring relationship is considered a crucial determinant of these positive outcomes, with high-quality relationships linked to longer match durations and better youth outcomes/ One factor hypothesized to influence the development […]

New Study Explores Long-term Impact of the Fostering Healthy Futures for Preteens Program on Suicide-Related Thoughts and Behaviors Among Youth in Out-of-Home Care

Taussig et al. Long‐term impact of the fostering healthy futures for preteens program on suicide‐related thoughts and behaviors for youth in out‐of‐home care: A randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Community Psychology, [s. l.], 2024. DOI 10.1002/ajcp.12745. Disponível em: Acesso em: 13 abr. 2024. Background Suicide-related thoughts and behaviors (STB) among young people are a serious global […]

Natural mentors can buffer the effects of racial discrimination on African American youth

  Editor’s Note: . This study suggests that both parents and mentors can play an important role in attenuating some of the negative effects and keeping young people focused on school.  Cooper, M. S., Brown, C., Metzger, I., Clinton, Y., & Guthrie, B., (2022). Racial discrimination and African American adolescent’s adjustment: Gender variation in family […]

“It Makes Them Want to Suffer in Silence Rather Than Risk Facing Ridicule”: Youth Perspectives on Mental Health Stigma

Austin, L. J., Browne, R. K., Carreiro, M., Larson, A. G., Khreizat, I., DeJonckheere, M., & Schwartz, S. E. O. (2024). “It Makes Them Want to Suffer in Silence Rather Than Risk Facing Ridicule”: Youth Perspectives on Mental Health Stigma. Youth & Society, 0(0). Abstract The study aims to understand youth perspectives on mental […]

New study explores mentoring in LGBTQ foster youth

Paul, J. C., & Cruys, C. (2024). “We should be treated like we are somebody”: Building supportive relationships with LGBTQ foster youth. Family Relations. Summarized by Megyn Jasman  Introduction: This study explored the experiences and mentoring relationships of LGTBQ foster youth. In particular, it studied how youth’s disclosure of their sexual orientation and gender […]

Mutual benefits: How college peer mentoring benefits the mentors

Reference: McCallen, L., Yazdani, N., Pai, G., Bloom, J., Chajet, L., & Fine, M. (2023). How a community engagement model of near-peer counseling impacts student mentors’ college outcomes. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 27(2). Summarized by Ellen Parry Luff About the Study: Many racial and socioeconomic disparities persist within the current postsecondary education […]

Coaching the coaches: Lessons learned from a new study on coach training

In the article titled “Competencies of Coaches that Predict Client Behavior Change,” published in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science in 2024, the authors, led by Richard Boyatzis, address the significant gap in coaching research and practice concerning the effectiveness of coaching competencies in fostering client behavior change. This study is particularly valuable as it […]

How Mentoring Can Shift from “Beating the Odds” to Changing the Odds

By Jean Rhodes In an important new Annual Review of Clinical Psychology article, UVA Professor Noelle Hurd, describes how mentors can help ethnically marginalized youth can derive positive developmental outcomes while also working with their mentees to create a more just and equitable society. As Hurd notes, much of the theorizing and research on natural […]

When Rich Parents Act as College “Concierges,” Opportunity Gaps Widen

By Jean Rhodes In the study “Providing a ‘‘Leg Up’’: Parental Involvement and Opportunity Hoarding in College,” researchers conducted interviews with parents of college students to explore the impact of parental involvement on their children’s college experiences. The study focused on families from a large public university in the Midwest, analyzing how affluent parents’ engagement […]