Mentoring Research

Important new study highlights the value of “network-engaged” mentoring

Austin, L. J., Parnes, M. F., Jarjoura, G. R., Keller, T. E., herrerea, C., Manolya, T., and Schwartz, S. E. O. (2020).  Connecting youth: The role of mentoring approach. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Sep 24, 2020. Editor’s note: In this fascinating new study, the researchers note that examined “how mentors can strengthen and expand […]

How mentor moods can influence relationship quality

Preston, E. G., & Raposa, E. B. (2020). A Two-way Street: Mentor Stress and Depression Influence Relational Satisfaction and Attachment in Youth Mentoring Relationships. American Journal of Community Psychology, 65(3–4), 455–466. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although youth mentoring programs are becoming popular forms of interventions that contribute to positive youth development, little […]

The association between sleep duration and childhood flourishing in school-age children

Tsao, H. S., Gjelsvik, A., Sojar, S., & Amanullah, S. (2020). Sounding the Alarm on Sleep: A Negative Association Between Inadequate Sleep and Flourishing. The Journal of Pediatrics. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Chronic, inadequate sleep is becoming a prevalent public health crisis that can have detrimental effects on children and adolescents. This study […]

What Works In Mentoring? New UVA Scale Can Shed Light

By Stell Simonton, Youth Today What makes mentoring programs effective? And what makes some programs more effective than others? These questions have existed for years in youth development research. “We knew there was good empirical evidence for mentoring, but we didn’t know why. We just knew it showed benefits,” said Patrick H. Tolan, the Charles […]

How African American boys and young men cope and adapt to racial and socioeconomic stressors through research

Barbarin, O. A., Tolan, P. H., Gaylord-Harden, N., & Murry, V. (2020). Promoting social justice for African-American boys and young men through research and intervention: A challenge for developmental science. Applied Developmental Science, 24(3), 196–207. Summarized by Ariel Ervin Notes of Interest:  Although there is a lot of evidence that proves how detrimental racism and being […]

New study highlights the ups and downs of mentoring

Spiekermann, L., Lyons, M., & Lawrence, E. (2020). The Ups and Downs of Mentoring Relationship Formation: What to Expect. Children and Youth Services Review, 188(105413). Summarized by Selen Amado Notes of Interest: This study aimed to understand the timing and sequencing of the development of mentoring relationships in a school-based mentoring program to better […]

What are the keys to successful mentoring? Study has some answers

by Jean Rhodes and Elizabeth Raposa In an article in the American Journal of Community Psychology we reported on some interesting findings that have direct implications for mentoring programs. The study was entitled, the Impact of Youth Risk on Mentoring Relationship Quality: Do Mentor Characteristics Matter?- and the short answer is yes! But let’s step back […]

Does organizing mentor-mentee matches into small groups help? A new study has answers

Haddock, S. A., Weiler, L. M., Lee, H., Henry, K. L., Lucas-Thompson, R., Zimmerman, T. S., Krafchick, J. L., Fredrickson, G. F., Yetz, N., & Youngblade, L. M. (2020). Does organizing mentor-mentee matches into small groups enhance treatment effects in a site-based mentoring program for adolescents? Results of a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Youth […]

Three key factors that lead to mentor satisfaction

Martin, S. M., & Sifers, S. K. (2012). An evaluation of factors leading to mentor satisfaction with the mentoring relationship. Children and Youth Services Review, 34(5), 940-945. Summarized by Bridget Nestor, Editorial Assistant, Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring Introduction: Research suggests that mentoring relationships can provide positive outcomes for both mentor and mentee. Most literature, however, has […]

Psychology Today Book Review: How Youth Mentoring Programs Can Become More Effective

This post is a review in Psychology Today of the book, Older and Wiser: New Ideas for Youth Mentoring in the 21st Century by Glenn C. Altschuler Before Odysseus departed to fight the Trojan War, Homer tells us, he asked Mentor, his friend, to watch over his household and Telemachus, his son. Centuries later, the […]