Mentoring Research

Using TRICS model to help build mentor-mentee relationships

Donlan, A. E., McDermott, E. R., Zaff, J. F. (2017). Building relationships between mentors and youth: Development of the TRICS model. Children and Youth Services Review.

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New study on youth attitudes towards school mentoring programs

Weiss, S., Harder, J., Bratiotis, C., & Nguyen, E. (2019). Youth Perceptions of a School-Based Mentoring Program. Education and Urban Society, 51(3), 423–437.

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How positive staff relationship and support can encourage youth to be more active.

Riciputi, S., McDonough, M. H., Snyder, F. J., McDavid, M. L. (2019). Staff Support Promotes Engagement in a Physical Activity-Based Positive Youth Development Program for Youth From Low-Income Families. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

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Importance of attunement to mentoring relationships and mentees’ academic support-seeking behavior?

Weiler, L., Chesmore, A., Pryce, J., Haddock, S., & Rhodes, T. (2019). Mentor Response to Youth Academic Support–Seeking Behavior: Does Attunement Matter? Youth & Society, 51(4), 548-569.

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How relationships with trusted adults can benefit youth

Meltzer, A., Muir, K., Craig, L. (2018). The role of trusted adults in young people’s social and economic lives. Youth & Society. DOI: 10.1177/0044118X16637610

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Latino/as’ perception of peer: Mentors as social capital

Moschetti, R. V., Plunkett, S. W., Efrat, R., & Yomtov, D. (2018). Peer mentoring as social capital for Latina/o college students at a Hispanic-serving institution. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 17(4), 375–392.

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Five skills for navigating the transition to adulthood

College Walkby Jean Rhodes

I’m sometimes alarmed that so many of my undergraduates seem adrift and unclear about their futures. I find myself wondering how they can bring themselves to pay tuition, … Read the rest

The longitudinal effects of mentoring in middle school aged children in Portugal

Nunez, J. C., Rosario, P., Vallejo, G., Gonzalez-Pienda, J. A. (2013). A longitudinal assessment of the effectiveness of a school-based mentoring program in middle school. Contemporary Educational Psychology.

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New study on the importance of staff development in afterschool settings

Kuperminc, G. P., Seitz, S., Joseph, H., Khatib, N., Wilson, C., Collins, K., & Guessous, O. (2019). Enhancing Program Quality in a National Sample of After‐school Settings: The Role of Youth–Staff Interactions and Staff/Organizational Functioning. American Journal of Community PsychologyRead the rest

Mental health and mentoring relationships of aboriginal Canadian youths

DeWit, D., Wells, J., Elton-Marshall, S., & George, T. (2017). Mentoring relationships and the mental health of aboriginal youth in Canada. The Journal of Primary Prevention, 38(1), 49-66.

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