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Jean Rhodes on NPR's Commonwealth Journal - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Jean Rhodes on NPR’s Commonwealth Journal

Jean Rhodes on NPR’s Commonwealth Journal. Listen to Rhodes talk about the Center and summarize more than two decades of her own and others’ research in a recent radio interview. Click here for a link to the podcast.

Sandra LaFleur: Talking politics can help stretch minds.

Sandra Louk LaFleur is Associate Vice President, Research, Evaluation, & Innovation for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America You make very salient points about the importance of engaging our youth, especially our young adults, around topics that could easily be considered as “too touchy” for most. What we need to do is step forward and help […]

Stella Kanchewa, M.A., Clinical Psychology, UMass Boston

I believe that the emerging practice of matching female mentors with male mentees is a positive trend. It allows programs to accomplish their fundamental goal of providing youth with non-parental relationships who can serve as additional supports towards positive growth. In a recent study (Kanchewa, Schwartz, & Rhodes, under review), we drew on secondary data […]

Therman Evans, Esq. President of the Board, Mentoring to Manhood - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Therman Evans, Esq. President of the Board, Mentoring to Manhood

Before a young boy can become a man he must see the image of one. We would never want to discount the power and impact that a woman can have in a young boy’s life. There are numerous examples where women have raised accountable and responsible boys. However, if we want to raise a generation […]

Roland Warren, President of the National Fatherhood Initiative - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Roland Warren, President of the National Fatherhood Initiative

Q. Do you think that it’s a good idea for mentoring programs match young male mentees with female mentors? A. This is not a positive trend because it fails to strengthen the mentoring field by addressing the lack of male mentors. This solution is like running around a weak backhand in tennis. Rather than addressing […]

George Albee: Pioneering community psychologist

Appeared in The Journal of Primary Prevention, Vol. 28, No. 1, January 2007 (OC    2006) My Mentor, George Albee Jean E. Rhodes1 In the fall of 1979, I had the blind luck of enrolling in a freshman psychology course that was taught by George Albee. It did not strike me as the least bit unusual that […]