FORUM: Mentoring relationships as a context for service delivery: What do you think? - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Mentoring relationships as a context for service delivery: What do you think?

FORUM: Mentoring relationships as a context for service delivery: What do you think? - Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoringby Michael Garringer

Psychotherapy researchers have long argued about how direct and goal-oriented the therapist should be.  There are some who believe that, if a strong relationship is forged between the … Read the rest

FORUM: What is your most effective mentor recruitment message?

wantyouMentoring programs are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they recruit mentors and the messages they use to get volunteers to take the plunge and formally apply to be a mentor. Large national organizations might hire leading advertising firms to carefully … Read the rest

New posts in the iTunes “Mentoring U” podcast series

We are thrilled to announce the new Mentoring U audio podcast series. Now you can download episodes and learn about mentoring while you’re driving, cooking, etc.  Produced by award-winning radio host, Micheline Mann, the Chronicle’s podcast series was recently described … Read the rest

FORUM: Does mentoring work in rural areas?

by Mike Garringer

In my time as a technical assistance provider in the youth mentoring field, some of the most difficult and persistent challenges I’ve seen are those faced by rural mentoring programs. While running a high-quality program is difficult … Read the rest

FORUM: When (and how) should mentoring programs disclose mentors’ personal information?

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 7.28.53 AMA colleague of mine recently shared an inquiry they had received from a local program that was thinking through an issue that had bubbled up: Should they tell mentees (or mentees’ parents) that a mentor is gay? And if so, … Read the rest

FORUM: Should mentors be compensated for their time?

Do you think that mentors should be compensated for the time they put into working with youth?  Although more intensive programs are associated with better youth outcomes, programs must balance the potential benefits of more intensive relationships with potentially … Read the rest

FORUM: How is your mentoring program collaborating in the community?

handsOne of the more interesting, and potentially impactful, trends in the social sector over the last few years has been the rise of “collective impact” efforts in hundreds of communities across the United States. While mentoring programs and others who … Read the rest

FORUM: Should mentors and mentees be “friends” on social media?

8583949219_f55657573e_zIt goes without saying that social media has dramatically changed the way people interact and share their lives with others over the past decade. We now have the ability to broadcast information about ourselves to audiences at a scale that … Read the rest

POLL: Does your program have a fully-developed theory of change?

Recently I’ve been thinking about a “disconnect” that I often see in the mentoring field: the difference between what programs say they can achieve through mentoring and what they actually do in practice. Now, most mentoring programs can obviously give … Read the rest

FORUM: How do you encourage mentors to support students academically?

07641FRL.sizedFor the longest time, policymakers, school districts, and educators have been trying to figure out how to use the power of mentoring to support students academically. Early on, this led to mentoring programs that were “mentoring” in name, but heavy … Read the rest