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Credible Messenger Mentoring: A Community-Centered Approach to Youth Justice Transformation

This webinar will provide both overview and in-depth descriptions of the CM3’s Credible Messenger Mentoring Framework, by providing core definitions, program content & methodology descriptions and interactive discussions on the actual process and emerging impacts. Participants will walk away with a heightened understanding of what Credible Messenger Mentoring is, various ways it can be operationalized […]

Unpacking the Complex Dynamics of College Belonging and Academic Help-Seeking

Date: Thursday, May 23 at 12 pm EST The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring is hosting a Webinar Series on Effective Student Mentoring for college and higher-education populations. A sense of belonging and help-seeking are often thought of as key drivers for college students’ academic success. However, despite a burgeoning literature on these topics, Dr. Carlton Fong […]

Trauma Informed Youth Development & Mentoring

Join MENTOR Maryland/DC for a virtual training session centered on Trauma-Informed Youth Development and Mentoring. Delve into understanding the nature of trauma, explore what it means to be ‘trauma-informed’, and learn practical approaches for fostering trauma-informed relationships with youth. This session will provide comprehensive answers to key questions, shedding light on the roles and responsibilities […]

Mentoring LGBTQ+ Youth: An Urgent Need for Each of us to Act

Join us for a 3-part webinar series, hosted by experts Nia Clark and Dr. Christian Rummell, as we look into the impact of a growing number of anti-LGBT laws on mentoring programs, research on the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ youth, and strategies your mentoring program can use to intentionally offer support at a time when […]

Mentor Training – Existential Helping: A Holistic Approach to Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth

Date: Feb 28, 2024 03:00 PM EST Join this webinar to learn how to utilize Existential Helping, an evidence-based framework for marginalized communities. By engaging in the interactive activities, attendees will learn how to “hold space” for youth navigating anti-LGBTQ discrimination and trauma and how to demonstrate empathy instead of sympathy. The session will also […]

[Webinar] Effective Student Mentoring Series: Carola Suárez-Orozco, Ph.D.

Date: Thursday, February 8th, 2024, 12:00 PM ET Immigrant Origin students are the fastest growing student population in higher education, now making up 31% of our students across the U.S. Yet, they are often unrecognized and lost in other overlapping, distinct, and incomplete designations (e.g., first-generation to college; racial-ethnic groups; undocumented students). In this webinar, […]

[Webinar] CMWS Series #1: Building Your Program: Empowering Grassroots Mentoring

Date: Jan 18, 2024, 01:00 PM EST May 16, 2024, 01:00 PM EST Sep 19, 2024, 01:00 PM EST Embark on a transformative journey with MENTOR for a three-part webinar series dedicated to evaluating the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring with a focus on grassroots mentoring organizations. From exploring resource constraints and fostering meaningful […]

The Mental Health Crisis Affecting Black Men & Boys

In “The Invisible Ache”, Courtney B. Vance and psychologist Dr. Robin L. Smith delve deeply into the alarming mental health crisis Black men and boys are experiencing across America. Drawing attention to the CDC’s unsettling findings of the rapid surge in suicide rates among this demographic, Dr. Smith highlights how historical racial trauma alongside the […]

[Webinar] Entering the World of Work: Strategies for Mentoring Immigrant-Origin Latino/a College Graduates

Date: Thursday, December 7th, 2023, 12:00 – 1:15 pm ET The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring is hosting a 2023 Webinar Series on Effective Student Mentoring for college and higher-education populations. The next webinar in the series is titled Entering the World of Work: Strategies for Mentoring Immigrant-Origin Latino/a College Graduates, and will be led by Dr. Vanessa […]

[Webinar] Professional Development Workshop: Making the Most of Your Mentoring Relationship

Reprinted from the Association for Psychological Science  Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET (7:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC) Description: What’s the best way to establish a productive mentoring relationship? Join this workshop to learn how to establish healthy mentoring relationships with crucial boundaries and outcomes from both mentee and […]