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Mentor in the loop–Is there a role for AI in mentoring relationships?

By Jean Rhodes In recent years, my colleagues and I have been exploring how web and mobile platforms can enhance mentoring programs—–not replacing face-to-face connections, but enabling efficient between meeting communication and collaboration. Such platforms also allow mentors and programs to share resources, deliver personalized feedback, and track mentees’ progress.  They are also extremely well […]

The student success dividend: Colleges that double down on their students will thrive in the long-term

BY CHRIS REBER AND ANEESH SOHONI OCTOBER 11, 2023   PRINT. TOPICS:Commentary New federal data suggest that hunger and homelessness among college students are more widespread than previously believed. As many as 4 million college students are wrestling with food insecurity — a factor associated with lower graduation rates — and 1.5 million might have tenuous housing situations. […]

Teaching college students networking skills is an equity imperative

Teaching college students networking skills is an equity imperative Inspiring college students to cultivate relationships with a networking curriculum can boost career confidence and level the playing field. 12 min read By Julia Freeland Fisher 09/29/23 AnalysisEducation Caiaimage/Sam Edwards/Getty Images The data is clear: College students want networks. According to a Gallup College Alumni poll, when asked to […]

A conversation with Professor Bernadette Sanchez

Professor Bernadette Sanchez is one of our fields most prolific scholars and among the most consistent voices for cultural-sensitivity in youth mentoring.  I am pleased to have had a recent conversation about Bernadette about her new studies and more.  JR: In your study, which we posted on the Chronicle, you explore the role of mentors in […]

Matt Hagler

Introducing Matt Hagler

Matt joins the Chronicle as a Contributing Editor. Matt is a 4th-year doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at UMass Boston. He graduated from Sewanee, the University of the South, Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude with undergraduate degrees in psychology and English literature. Before starting graduate school, he spent a year living in Muğla, […]

Sam McQuillin

Improving Mentoring by Improving Mentor Training

By Sam McQuillin Originally posted the National Mentoring Resource Center Blog In 1964, the famed American psychologist B.F. Skinner predicted how education might change by 1984. Reflecting on the precedent for this prediction, he wrote “Improving education seldom takes the form of improving teaching.” I was confused the first time that I read this quote. What he […]

Profiles in Mentoring: A conversation with Dr. Liz Raposa

Written by Jelle de Graaf and Vera van den Berg  Dr. Elizabeth Raposa is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the College of William and Mary. Dr. Elizabeth Raposa has her own lab ‘Raposa lab’. Her ongoing research is related to stress and socio-emotional development.    Can you tell us about your […]

Janet Forbush

Janet Forbush

Janet Forbush is the Senior Advisor with the Center for the Advancement of Mentoring.


Michael Garringer

We are delighted to welcome Mike Garringer to the editorial board of the Chronicle of Evidence-based Mentoring. Michael serves as the Director of Knowledge Management for MENTOR, overseeing projects related to the intersection of mentoring research and program practice, as well as data collection and evaluation that can highlight the prevalence and impact of mentoring around […]

Professor Noelle Hurd joins the Chronicle editorial board

Noelle Hurd, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia has joined the editorial board of the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring. Noelle brings a wealth of experience and insight to this post. In her work, she has paid particular attention to racial identity and natural mentoring in the lives of disadvantaged African American adolescents, and the role […]