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Using the Web of Support Framework

By Dr. Shannon Vargar & Dr. Jonathan Zaff, CERES Institute for Children & Youth  Every day young people attend schools, participate in after school programs, show up for jobs, and navigate their neighborhoods filled with adults and peers who have the potential to help them as they pursue their education, work, life, and health goals. […]

Making the case for paraprofessional mentoring …40 years ago

by Jean Rhodes In 1979, a young psychology professor named Joseph Durlak published a controversial study in Psychological Bulletin that sent ripples through the helping professions. What Joe sought to do was to combine all published studies that had compared the outcomes of experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers with those of paraprofessionals (i.e., nonexpert, […]

Jeremy Astesano joins the Chronicle as an Associate Editor

Jeremy is a recent graduate from Haverford College with a B.A. in psychology, joining the Chronicle as an Associate Editor. A native of Cambridge, MA, he is passionate about understanding people and promoting positive social change in the world. He is also the lab manger for the Rhodes Lab and assistant director in the Center […]

C Poon

Cyanea Poon joins the Chronicle as an Associate Editor

Cyanea is a graduate student at UMass Boston’s Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she graduated with a BA in psychology from Wheaton College in 2016. While there, she also earned a certificate in Human Needs and Global Resources for her research with trauma-exposed youths in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Cyanea is […]

Justin Preston

Justin Preston joins the Chronicle as Associate Editor

Justin is a graduate student at UMass Boston’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. Hailing from Ada, Ohio, he completed his undergraduate studies at Connecticut College with a degree in Psychology. Later, he received his Master’s in Human Development and Social Intervention from New York University’s Steinhardt School in New York City. Justin’s research interests travel along […]