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Transformative SEL as a Lever for Equity & Social Justice

…equity and excellence in education through social and emotional learning (SEL). CASEL’s definition and framework for SEL provides a foundation for all communities to use evidence-based SEL strategies to advance the goals of equity and excellence in ways that are most meaningful to their local context. Developing and Refining Transformative SEL toward Equity CASEL is refining a specific form of SEL implementation that concentrates SEL practice on…


Top 10 Tips to Deepen Social-Emotional Learning in Virtual After-School Programs

…n a virtual setting, while others easily translate to hybrid and in-person SEL.) 1. INTENTIONALLY IMPLEMENT SEL FRAMEWORKS AS YOU CREATE PROGRAMMING. Joshua Bobrow Understand high-quality SEL and the Foundations of Youth Social-Emotional Learning Development(Student Success Network), and organize your programming around the principles of social, emotional and academic development to empower students to effectively relate to themselves, relate to o…


Strengthening social and emotional learning of program staff Is better for youth

…listed above (e.g. cultural responsiveness) to an SEL competency in the CASEL SEL framework. Those topics opened the door for people to reflect on their own work and make connections to the SEL skills they had the opportunity to strengthen. INTEGRATING SEL THROUGHOUT This learning series, named Second Order Change, just finished its third year of implementation, and the results are promising. Our evaluation showed people grew in their SEL skills,…


A prevalence of “policy-based evidence-making”

…re most likely to turn to those who have skin in the game as developers of SEL programs and advocates of SEL investments. For example, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning says about itself, “we are turning this momentum [for SEL] into a movement.” Families looking to install solar panels on their roof shouldn’t turn to the Solar Energy Industries Association for an objective analysis of the costs and benefits of doing so…


Role modeling social-emotional learning skills for campers

…inconsistent in how they modeled SEL during interactions with campers. Counselors’ own SEL may need more explicit support and training to more effectively role model SEL for campers. Implications (Reprinted from the Discussion) This study explored how counselors perceived SEL role modeling and how campers noticed and interpreted their counselor’s social-emotional skills. Numerous SEL studies examine the delivery and efficacy of SEL curricula (e.g….


As Teen Loneliness Rates Soar, Schools May Be Making It Worse, Scientists Say

…the problems in inner-city schools, which are disproportionately Black. CASEL itself was formed to further the ideas pioneered in the late 1960s by Yale researchers who designed programs to turn around New Haven’s failing inner-city schools. Many of its early beneficiaries were students of color, for whom the experience of racism was ever present, and who felt alienated from a curriculum that did not include people who looked like them. CASEL off…


A Contemporary Meta-Analysis: The Impact of Universal School-Based SEL Interventions

…rnal & internalizing issues. Program and implementation features moderated SEL intervention effects. Programs that had high-quality implementation, met SAFE criteria, used a multicomponent approach, integrated SEL into academic content, were carried out by classroom teachers, focused on school climate, taught intrapersonal skills first, and those studies with high-quality designs improved students’ skills, attitudes, beliefs, and academic outcomes…


School district integrates aspects of adult-youth and peer mentoring to foster connectedness – and improve graduation rates

…ows their name or how to pronounce it,” said Trish Shaffer, the district’s SEL coordinator. “This SEL work isn’t just feel-good: We know through research that relationships and connections keep kids in school.” Inspired by data showing that social and emotional skills like perseverance and empathy can improve academic and overall student success, Washoe County launched a district-wide SEL program in 2012, adopting a mission statement of “Every Chi…


An evidence-based approach to improving youth’s emotional literacy

…. Most programs depended on teachers and other school staff to deliver the SEL type curriculum. Programs focusing on SEL were found to: – improve students’ social-emotional skills, attitudes about self and others, connection to school, and positive social behavior – reduce conduct problems and emotional distress – improve students’ achievement test scores These findings were found to be effective in all school settings for students with and withou…